Computer Science


Bachelor of Computer Science               September 2013-Present

Mobile Development, Co-op Option

Carleton University, Ottawa, ON

Third Year, CGPA: 8.5/12

Expected graduation date: April 2018

Diploma in Photography                           September 2005-April 2007

Fanshawe College, School of Contemporary Media, Ottawa, ON

GPA: 3.37/4.2

Graduated April 2007


Available for a 4 month co-op term beginning May 2016

Relevant Skills, Experiences & Accomplishments

Technical Skills

Web application and UX development using JavaScript, jQuery and node.js

Mobile application development and unit testing in objective-c using the Xcode IDE for iOS Devices

Mobile application development in Java using Eclipse and Android Studio IDE for Android Devices, Eclipse Java EE, struts, jersey, Restful web services

System-level programming and inter-process communication in C, C++

Working knowledge of Python and Pygame

Intuitive and aesthetically pleasing HTML and CSS based websites, photography and graphics for my own and other businesses, using adobe software

Client Service and Leadership Skills

Professionalism and prompt turnaround time, mastered while running a successful photography business in Ottawa for five years and retaining many satisfied clients

Experience in several client service jobs, remaining up-to-date on current technology and products, and educating patrons about the best products for their needs

Motivated and Guided many volunteers, and advised founders, as a leading member of the Board of Directors for Hopeful Hearts Dog Rescue

Successfully coordinated and ran an annual walkathon with hundreds of attendees, as well as smaller events, raising up to $20 000 per year for Hopeful Hearts Dog Rescue

Work Experience

Espial, Ottawa, ON – Junior Software Verification Specialist and Junior UX Developer                    May 2015–December 2015

On my 8 month co-op contract at Espial, I have been given the opportunity to work in the software industry in the same capacity as full time employees, and be part of a diverse and innovative software testing team. My longer term placement and skill set allowed me to have the unique options of joining the development team for part of my term, and also to be in a leadership position among other co-op students and newer employees. In my position at Espial, I am able to both follow and lead, learn and teach, which creates a full, well rounded employment experience.

Wag Pet Shop K9 Daycare, Ottawa, ON – Manager                    2012–2015

At Wag Pet Shop, I was given the unique opportunity to help build and direct the Wag K9 Daycare, and manage the growth and development during this crucial stage. I directed staff members clearly and assuredly in daily tasks and responsibilities, effectively solved problems, and made innovative improvements in operations.

Brittany Veinot Photography, Ottawa, ON – Photographer/owner                    2008-Present

As a business owner and photographer, I professionally and skillfully photographed commercial projects for a wide range of clients, including advertisement campaigns and national publications and magazine covers.

I created effective marketing campaigns, intuitive search engine optimized websites and social networking pages, and corresponded with potential clients to secure contracts and build relationships.

Applied Projects

Social Networking Android Application                  September – December 2015


Designed, planned and developed both client and server sides of a social networking android application, which communicates with a mySQL database, using the hibernate mapping framework. 

Conversion Applications                 January -April 2014


Created identical decimal, binary, hexadecimal converters in both objective-c for iOS devices and Java/xml for android devices, precisely fulfilling the required format and elements for their respective platforms

Equine Game                               September -December 2014


Creatively incorporated my equine passion and graphic design experience to create a unique horse cross-country jumping game with animated graphics, motion, and incorporated sounds, using python

Website Design     2008-2014

Web Developer

Designed and built several user-friendly and attractive html based business websites including and

Extra-Curricular Activities

As an individual, I am very involved in the animal world, especially dog rescue and horseback riding. I am passionate about bettering the lives of animals and people in need, and educating less experienced individuals that are interested in learning more about the behaviour, training, health and relationships with dogs and horses specifically. 

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