Technical Product Owner


Business & Leadership Skills

  • Prompt and educated decision making based on feedback from developers, stakeholders and customers
  • Extremely organized and efficient in requirements gathering, documenting, planning, preparation and presentation of feature details and plans to developers, stakeholders and customers
  • Clearly communicate technical requirements to business stakeholders, and likewise business requirements to technical stakeholders
  • Collaborative and resourceful problem solving to develop solutions that overcome and prevent development roadblocks in a unified manner
  • Highly motivated to work with others to improve efficiency and work environment, and consistently learn and grow from experiences
  • Eager to work with all parties involved in the success of a project to do what’s required for a positive outcome
  • Effective hands-off management of multiple software development teams in different countries and timezones

Technical Skills

  • Experience with data parsing and analysis
  • Web application and UX development using JavaScript, jQuery and node.js
  • Mobile application development and unit testing in objective-c using the Xcode IDE for iOS Devices
  • Mobile application development in Java using Eclipse and Android Studio IDE for Android Devices, Eclipse Java EE, Jersey, Restful web services
  • System-level programming and inter-process communication in C, C++
  • Automated test development using Python and stb-tester

Work Experience

JSI, Ottawa, ON – Product Owner                                                                            September 2019–Present

  • Work closely with customers to understand requirements and create feature presentations and specifications for approval
  • Work closely with several engineering teams to develop feature designs, technical requirements and limitations, and break them into well documented features and corresponding stories
  • Track team velocity and progress, and make adjustments to ensure that the highest priority commitments are met and stakeholders are informed of changing circumstances
  • React to a constantly changing environment and make prompt and educated decisions to ensure a stable and valuable product for customers
  • Discuss large amounts of conflicting priorities and dependencies with other product owners and managers, to come to consensus on upcoming work

Enghosue, Ottawa, ON – Product Owner & Manager                                       June 2019 – September 2019

  • Gathered and clarified customer requirements into small, clearly written user stories
  • Worked with 3 development teams to further refine and estimate user stories and tasks, identify risks and dependencies, and work out potential roadblocks with stakeholders and customers in advance of development
  • Prioritized product and sprint backlogs based on balance of multiple customer and company needs
  • Tracked and reported release progress and project timelines, making adjustments as needs change and challenges arise
  • Worked with developers to overcome obstacles and make prompt and effective decisions
  • Took note of employee performance and manage both conflict and career growth

Espial, Ottawa, ON – Product Owner & Developer                                                  May 2015 – June 2019

  • Prior to Espial’s acquisition by Enghouse, gradually transitioned from Quality Assurance (4 months), to Developer (2 years) to Product Owner at Espial Group, with some overlap of roles during 2 co-op terms and full time employment
  • Helped to transition traditional development teams to agile methodologies in small steps, ensuring that development continued and improved smoothly during training
  • Developed TV set top box UX software in JavaScript on an agile development team
  • Improved QA processes and automated testing across 5 agile development teams

Wag Pet Shop K9 Daycare, Ottawa, ON – Manager                    2012–2015

  • Managed staff processes, payroll and scheduling
  • Helped customers make good nutrition and behaviour decisions for their pets

Brittany Veinot Photography, Ottawa, ON – Photographer/owner                    2008-Present

  • Ran commercial photography business, primarily creating advertising campaigns, publications and magazines based on client requirements
  • Marketed business offerings, coordinated client logistics and managed finances


Bachelor of Computer Science               September 2013-2107

Mobile Development, Co-op Option

Carleton University, Ottawa, ON


Diploma in Photography                           September 2005-April 2007

Fanshawe College, School of Contemporary Media, Ottawa, ON


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